Culture / Ian Werrett

Mona Lisa’s Blemish

mona lisa

With countless news stories focusing on the negative painting poor pictures of humanity I would like to take a moment to examine the context.

All that surrounds our day is defined through perception, we as the only tools for interpretation of an incredibly baffling universe. We are made up of particles that according to latest scientific theory pop in and out of existence and may be crossing over into other dimensions or universes. These particles, in their billions make up single cells. We began life as single cell organisms and evolved to become more complex sea creatures, finally making it onto land. We became apes in Africa who learned to walk up right and travelled the globe to form civilisations.

We learned of the world beyond our own and found countless other planets and galaxies. On a Universal scale earth is less than a blue dot and we are not even identifiable, let alone when one accounts for the other possible dimensions and universes that exist. Yet as the only known intelligent tool for interpretation we form the focus of our understanding and become the centre of a reality beyond comprehension. Within that understanding, that great responsibility and over awing importance we work to continually better ourselves. We philosophise the edges of existence, we formulate the nature of reality, we have millions of people working to help others in need, we have climbed the tallest mountains and have begun to journey the deepest seas, we have even, recently jumped back home from space.

Our desire for what is right, that which promotes freedom and justice not just for us but for all fellow men has allowed us to move social and political mountains across the landscape of history. We said no to legal slavery, we said no to racial inequality, fighting apartheid and promoting equality. We said no to women being left at the political wayside. These and many other struggles continue as fear and insecurity sadly dominate the minds of certain complex creatures that dwell on this planet. But history’s course dictates that the most dangerous and difficult routes can and will be travelled should it allow for a freer passage into the future. Humanity’s beautiful novel is still being penned and played out as the universal sympathy plays diligently in the background of the authors mind.

We seek to understand all we can, try all we can and with such a conquering element to our nature and survival we somehow developed a need to care for others. Somewhere in our evolution altruism played a vital role and continues to dictate large amounts of our actions. As the only known tool to experience and understand the universe and beyond, acting with instinctive compassion compounded by our own strong emotions, we reach deep into ourselves to search for a meaning to this complex existence.

You are the peak of millennia’s of evolution, you are the greatest point of understanding in the known universe. You have the ability to contribute to the greatest story ever yet untold. So the news may seem a little bit negative at times but we would all stare if there was a blemish on the Mona Lisa. And yes, you can pick up a brush and right any wrong

Ian Werrett



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