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Meet Mr Perfect – He Drives an Audi, Earns £48K a Year and Calls His Mum Twice a Week

Mr Right

Many men would suggest that women are difficult to please but in actual fact, it transpires that there’s an easy way for men to make themselves irresistible to a woman.

Many of us believe that true love is all about chemistry and the art of compromise. But there are some things nearly all of us desire in a man – some, a little more surprising than others.

According to the research by the clothing store Austin Reed, there are 30 boxes a man must tick to be a modern-day prince charming. The 2000 British Women surveyed agreed Mr Right should eat meat, drive an Audi and earn a comfortable, five figure salary.

The ideal man will also have a stylish dress sense and phone his mother twice a week.

Interestingly, women also revealed that they would rather their ideal man enjoyed watching sport at the pub over watching soaps at home as well as liking their Mr Right to being a handy man around the house. He would also be over 6ft tall, have short dark hair and embrace a little facial stubble.

To match his good looks, he must also have a sensitive soul – women showed to like a man who tells them ‘I love you’ every day as well as being generally honest with their feelings.

British woman were also concerned about their partner’s intellect too. The study revealed that the ideal man should also have a degree and have a good grasp of general knowledge- being smart was revealed to be a turn on.

More unconventional attributes such as a geeky personality and embracing odd habits around the house were among those also listed in the survey.

Alice Olive



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