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The Duchess of Cambridge

kate middleton

I do not understand why Eamonn Holmes had to apologise for showing pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge on This Morning. She is a future princess, she’s kind of signed up for a public life. Do we really live in a society where you can buy anonymity as long as you have enough power and lucre? Since our taxes fund her lifestyle, I think she should be completely accountable to her shareholders, and I think we have every right to know how she’s spending our money. In fact, I’m a little concerned about her productivity levels: I can’t believe she’s on holiday again. She’s just back from that infamous trip where she was papped on the balcony isn’t she?

There is nothing embarrassing about wearing a bikini, and if she didn’t want people to see her wearing it, maybe she shouldn’t have worn it in the first place. In fact, that’s surely the basic rule of thumb for getting dressed: am I happy with other people seeing this? She wore the bikini on a beach, outside. She was not in her bedroom, where obviously it would be completely wrong for anyone to be taking photos of her to put into the public domain. If I was on holiday in France (I wish), I wouldn’t step outside on my balcony in my birthday suit because I’d be too afraid that someone would see me. Or I might, but on the understanding that someone might see me. In which case it would be completely ridiculous for me to be any more annoyed with them for taking a photo of me than I would be if they’d taken a photo of me as I walked past them on the street. If someone I didn’t know put photos of me up on their wall, I would be seriously weirded-out, but I don’t really think we can realistically stop them from taking photos of people they don’t know.

I doubt the Duchess of Cambridge is going to demand an apology from everyone she doesn’t know who has is sipping their tea from a piece of Kate and Wills memorabilia with her mug on it. It seems that she’s only happy with us seeing sanitised, photo-shopped versions of herself: is this really just, given that we expect other public figures to be completely accountable to the public? With the (for me personally, non-existent) benefits of being married to Prince William come responsibilities that are not involved in a normal marriage. I hate to break it to you honey, but you are now a public company, and you have a responsibility to your investors to provide a progress report once in a while. I don’t want these progress reports to have been nipped and tucked by crafty accountants or photographers before they get to me though, I have a right to know exactly what you’re really doing, or else I’m out.

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