CM / Poem of the Week

Unity, Tranquility.

If I think your God is flawed
And you, the same of mine,
You’ll pull down my roof steeple
And ill blow up your shrine.
We can argue endless hours
-and most are so inclined,
But i doubt that enmity
Was part of His designs.
I guess that we can all agree
That hate renders us blind
And all this pigheadedness
Is just a state of mind
For religion calls from the heart
To peace and love, entwined.
So, if we use tolerance
We can respond in kind
and be in near utopia
of lives lived unconfined
Celebrate the un-sameness
contrasts, unaligned,
in mutual harmony, all
-and i think you’ll find
we can move eons ahead
with conflict left behind.

One thought on “Unity, Tranquility.

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