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Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Poem of the week

(Warning – not for people with no tolerance for bad jokes. It’ll be a pun-ishment!)

Orange you glad I stopped on my way
Juice seeing you, I can concentrate
That’s why we make such a perfect pear
The two grapes who share a non whining fate!

Seclusion’s like star fruit that’s lost it’s ap-peel,
Each time that we meat we need to ketchup
Since we cantaloupe, lettuce just get married
I’ll even let you make me a pre nup!

I’m certain my wishes will pear us good fruit
You and me, two lemons- together, sub-lime!
The less said the butter, just let your thoughts churn,
Our love will forever preserve over time!

Now that I think ‘appily, it’s strange…
How is it nothing rhymes with orange?

Interact UK –

2 thoughts on “Nothing Rhymes with Orange

  1. Well you DID warn me – but I’m a glutton for pun-ishment (thanks for the word). All that aside, I see good structure and phrasing and (ugh, it has to be mentioned) metaphor. Bottom line is – very well done.

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