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In Blurred Recall

Poem of the week

I grew up near a sheltered glade

But where I once hid in the shade

A granite concrete jungle stands

Encroaching on the once green lands,

Where has my childhood playground gone?

The trees are silent and withdrawn

I still remember their whispers

Who stood laughing through all weathers

That gentle smile no longer shows

They stand bereft, forlorn, morose.

A half of them is withered, bare

The other half no longer there,

Planked and stacked along those walls

Where tender spring rain doesn’t fall.

Farms were torn down, homes erased,

The people, animals displaced.

Our neighbor’s dog who loves me so

The nesting songbirds, had to go,

We stole blackberries from their hedge

Eating them off the rooftop ledge.

The field where daisies used to glow

Is shops above, garage below.

My school bus stop is now a store

Where people throng for gains galore

The baker’s fresh muffins and bread

Is plastic wrapped, stamped and packaged.

And instead of wild races home

Are paved roads where strange faces roam.

 I can no longer see the stars

A patch of sky is all that’s ours.

A passing glimpse of the white moon

And stray sunlight streaming at noon.

I reminisce, long days recalled,

The here and now and then and all..

I crave for the fresh breeze again

To run barefoot in grass with friends

But here the memories are lost

In progress earned at childhood’s cost

And on the bleak skyscrapers grow-

But where did that place I loved, go?… 


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2 thoughts on “In Blurred Recall

  1. I understand, and sympathize. When I was young I would arise, run out the back door, cross the lawn and disappear in fields of corn! Out there, my focus was intense, as I was hunting elephants! Too frequently, to my dismay, the herds were otherwise engaged, and I’d wind up down at the creek, with turtles, horned toads and the reek of walnut husks that filled the air…. now there’s just a Safeway there… “Ya take paradise and you put up a parking lot …!” … I hear ya, I truly do! LJ

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