Sam Toller

The Beauty of Multiculturalism

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Who says multiculturalism is dead?

Well, Interact apparently. The bold statement is the stimulus for an art exhibition which is to be held in Bethnal Green this March. The pieces will express the artists’ response to multiculturalism, the theory that it has failed, and how to move forward as a country if it has.

Personally, I think the exhibition itself answers the question it poses, as it will take place in a borough of varied faiths and ethnicities in one of the most diverse cities in the world. I love living in London. It’s a blessing to be able to see so many different races and cultures in one place. A day in this city is full of variety at every turn, and we benefit daily from the excitement of something new and different.

I’m proud to live in a city that embraces foreign cultures. To go to a school where over 200 languages are spoken. And to reside in an area where the majority are not entirely of British heritage. The influences are endless, and all too apparent when walking around London. The beautiful curves of a Mosque on the skyline evoke daydreams of busy markets and Islamic design. The sound of steel drums whisks me away to lazy days and fun filled nights in the Caribbean. Strolling through Camden market, I can travel the word over in an instant. But what really stands out is the one country that is not represented. China, Morocco, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy. All these different cuisines in a tourist hotspot, and yet there is not a British Fish’N’Chips shop in sight. It could be argued that British cuisine is represented in another form; that British culture is now a flavoursome amalgamation of traditional Britain, and all the cultures that we have welcomed and hence adopted as our own over the years.

However, this is only my opinion. Perhaps it is shared, perhaps not. There will be plenty of opinions out there, and I’m sure many of them will be represented at the Interact Exhibition, in all their artistic glory.

The Interact “Multiculturalism is dead” Art Exhibition will take place from the 14th-20th of March in St John on Bethnal Green. Please visit for more information.


Sam Toller


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Multiculturalism

  1. Some old cities had lived together in peace for a long time. I live in the Detroit area. We have lived together and did well working together. I like the city of London. I went to the great city 35 years ago. Only met good and content people. I like your thoughts. Too bad the world can’t get along.

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