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January Detox

January detox

January is the month of firsts. It’s the time of year when we formulate positive resolutions for our future. We join a gym, quit smoking, give up alcohol and go on a diet – all in a bid to reverse the effects of Christmas indulgence. But is this detox a fallacy? Will denying ourselves our favourite treats just make us miserable and is there any real medical benefit from it?

Health experts have expressed negative opinions on a new year detox, saying that it leads to a false sense of security and feeds the idea that you can abuse your body and go on month long binges. It may seem like a good idea to avoid alcohol and sugary snacks after the excesses of December but many experts have criticized such detoxes, urging people to think about their long-term health instead.

For me, the new year leaves me feeling quite melancholy as is it. I feel pressure to make a stand about what I want from the coming year and as for my health, its always at the forefront of my mind. I convince myself that this will be the year I drop two dress sizes in time for my summer holiday. The January detox makes people believe they’re virtuous with their health by embarking on a radical cut back for a month with the strong believe that they are cleansing their bodies.

It’s not just detoxing our health that we deem necessary in January – people make other changes too. We agree to spend more quality time with our loved ones, promise to plan trips we’ve always wanted to take and pay off financial debt. It seems that January really kick-starts our minds into wanting change.

According to a recent Channel 4 survey, the most popular resolutions are pledges to lose weight, get fit and eat more healthily. Others seek to save money, get a new job, travel or to read more. By the end of January 88 per cent will have reverted back to their old ways.

But the question is, will you be one of them?

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