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Multiculturalism is Britain

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The pride I feel in my heart as I am able to write that announced on the 12th December is statistics from the census taken in 2011 that show the diversity of Britain growing while racial prejudice continues to become something that children will read about it history books. Regardless of skin colour this is a something we can all be proud to be a part of, as the world continues to become ever more globalised, it is brilliant to see Britain leading the way in acceptance and diversity. On the same day think-tank British Future is set to announce amazing findings that highlight just how much Britain has changed in just a few decades.

It is impossible for me to pick out a single statistic that stands out for me, having said that however I know there is one obvious point made that will be happiness to my family. British Future found that just 15% of those asked would feel uncomfortable if their child was in an interracial relationship, compared with 40% two decades ago. This remarkable change is truly a testament to the tolerance and acceptance of modern Britain. It is crazy for me to think that just 20 years ago when my parents met and 20years before that when my grandparents met they were heckled for being mixed-race relationships. I grew up hearing appalling stories of my mother being spat in the street or my grandfather being told go to back to the jungle which in 2012 thankfully are unheard of. Of course there are still those who are willfully ignorant (Nick Griffin and the BNP) but the finding from both the census and British Future show that prejudice and discrimination is becoming an extinct species as the masses accept diversity and change.

If you have not had a chance to look at any of the findings I cannot stress enough that you look and be amazed at how the work of inter-faith and multicultural organisations and individuals. With statistics like the number of mixed raced children growing also or findings unrelated like the proportion of people being uncomfortable at their children marrying someone poorer at just 9% show that Britain is beyond any doubt in the middle of an incredible transition that we can all be proud of.

The Office of National Statistics’s director of census, Guy Goodwin has come out and said that “This is just the tip of the iceberg of census statistics. Further rich layers of vital information will be revealed as we publish more detailed data for very local levels over the coming months.” Showing that there is still more great news to come in 2013! With multiculturalism having defiantly not failed and continuing to be a progressive force for change, I wonder what later census’ and think tanks will show after this remarkable transition in society is over.

Ryan Gray


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