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Will the Force Be With Disney?

The development that Disney has brought Lucasfilm is monumental news in the nerd world. Acquisition of arguably Sci-fi’s most loved franchise has divided fans over whether this is a dream or nightmare scenario. Entertainment powerhouse Disney have already laid out plans to begin a new trilogy of Star Wars films beginning around 2015, showing that they are not only interested in the current earnings of the franchise but also looking to expand on possible future earnings.

To some this is the worst possible outcome they could have imagined, bringing the Star Wars under the banner of the same group that owns Pixar, Marvel, ESPN and American broadcast giants ABC. Outpour by loyal fans on social media outlets like twitter stress the fear that soon Star Wars will become a joke and a mickey (get it?), as the possible return of loved characters has not yet been clarified. It is however important to note that Lucas himself had speculated as way back as the late 70’s that he was interested in making nine films in total and so the possibility of future films is not a new concept.

However there are those (like me) that are elated about the possibility of the Star Wars franchise being reborn into something better than it has ever been before. The success of Marvel films since it was brought by Disney fill me with optimism that the franchise will return to the greatest it had prior to the latest three instalments (two of which are widely regarded as abominations). The possibility that the films to be released could be like Marvels summer blockbuster the Avengers is something I doubt anyone loyal fans will argue against. Nevertheless the fear that future Star Wars films could emulate Disney flop John Carter as much as it could be a success will have fans anticipating the films cautiously.

And so, while there are still a few years before the planned release of the latest film, it will be interesting to see what Disney do with other aspects of the franchise such as the highly successful clone wars television series or the not so successful games it produces. Will Disney go to the dark side and ruin an iconic franchise for a whole new generation? Only time will tell.

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