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Global Walk for Children of Syria

Thousands of children in Syria have become victims of the indiscriminate attacks characterizing the regime’s bloody crackdown. Brutal crimes have claimed the lives of over 2,500 children, forcing more than one hundred thousand families to flee their homes seeking safety in neighboring countries”

On November 17th the International Walk for the Children of Syria will be held simultaneously in different cities all over the globe. It is organized by Syrian Communities and Humanitarian – Human Rights Activists from around the world.

This international grassroots movement is founded by Rise 4 Humanity, an initiative of the Syrian American Alliance with the support of associations for children rights that aims to raise public awareness of children’s suffering and seeks to stop crimes against humanity, starting with the occurring violence against the Children of Syria.

We demand the Human Dignity, Stand up for Humanity” is the slogan of the march that wants to involve institutions, organizations, associations, political parties and social, cultural and religious communities with the goal of sensitizing citizens to the suffering of children, raise money for this humanitarian emergency and call on governments of the world to really help the Syrian people.

The walk will be occurring in more than 40 cities around the world in United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow – For more information contact:, +44 (0) 7957 203 899 –, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Denmark, Libya, Sweden, Canada, United States, the Bahamas and Australia. Even some cities in Syria have joined but it’s not possible to name them because of obvious security reasons.

Initially, on the facebook page dedicated to this initiative the organizers used the name and emblem of UNICEF in their promotion. However, on November the 6th the association declared in a press release that “UNICEF wishes to state that does not sponsor or promote in any way this event and it did not authorize the use of its name and logo and it proceeded to ask the organizers of the march to remove the UNICEF name and logo from all their materials.” adding that “it is providing humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of Syrian children in different areas of the country and refugees present in neighboring countries but their support is on the basis of need, without any political assessment or other matters.”

The reasons why the organizers of the event claimed they had the support of UNICEF are not clear but anyway they took steps to remove the UNICEF name and logo from the “International Walk for the Children of Syria” page.

Alessandra Addari

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