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The Return of Tony?

Instantly, viewing the picture above of former prime-minister for most people will force one of two reactions: You will either praise him as the man that brought Britain into the 21st century, leading a new form of the labour party in unimaginable electoral success and returning it from the abyss it had been in just a few years prior to becoming leader of the Labour Party. In complete contrast to this you will curse at the sight of his face and name, viewing him as the man that lied and among other things brought entered the UK into two illegal wars. Regardless of your personal view towards the man his growing presence in the media once more is fuelling speculation that, whether you like him or not, Blair will be returning to politics sooner rather than later.

Blair’s call for Europe to have an elected president has caused a frenzy in the media world claiming this to be the latest and most obvious of things the former prime minister has done this year which shows he wants to return to politics. This year Blair has spoken in public far more than in previous years. This, alongside the news earlier in the year that Ed Miliband was being advised by the former leader, further suggests that Blair is looking to return to politics.

Admittedly, I was unable to find any compelling arguments that successfully argued that Tony Blair was not looking to return to politics. But still the question I ask myself when I think of Blair’s return is this: Why would he want too? Public opinion on the former leader since he left office has never come close to the heights during his leadership, opinions towards him now often being very cynical and doubtful. You only have to look at comments on online news articles to find a flurry of comments like “he has been worming his way back into the media and politics for the past year” (this comment found below a Daily Mail online article) to see how some hold strong negative opinions of Blair. And so I go back to my question, why would Tony Blair want to return to politics? Although there are those that view him positively and would welcome a return by him, there are also a number of radical opinions that would rather Blair trialed for war crimes. Although I am dubious to why he would return I must state this is only my opinion and I am hardly any expert and have no insider information on what his plans are.

And so I end with this question: Regardless of whether your heart loves or loathes him, does your head believe that Tony Blair will return to political life?

Ryan Gray




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