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“Inside Her Eyes” – Pop Surrealism in Rome

The project is curated by Alexandra Mazzanti for Palazzo Valentini in collaboration with Dorothy Circus Gallery and is possible to visit the exhibition from 11 to 22 October 2012 at Palazzo Valentini (Hall Egon von Fürstenberg).

From the light of the pearls that illuminate the darkness in the portraits of Leila Ataya to the white snow queens of Natalie Shau and the Asian women covered and uncovered with white bandages of Kwon Kyungyup, the different ways of sharing the secret of femininity and life is guarded in their eyes and on their canvases.

The exhibition “Inside Her Eyes” compares five different female reality’s, five women who come from different countries, cultures and histories: Leila Ataya (from New Zealand), Afarin Sajedi (from Iran), Francesca Romana Di Nunzio (from Italy), Natalie Shau (from Lithuania) and Kyungyup Kwon (from Korea).

Five views of the world without necessarily putting the emphasis on race or culture. As the artist Afarin Sajed explained: “I did not want to give a nationality and ethnicity to the people that I painted because I want people reflect themselves in these paintings”.

At the end of the exhibition there is a Kate Moss sculpture, made by Francesca Romana Di Nunzio in two opposing variants , representing the female life thrown into crisis by excessive exposure.

Part of the exhibition as well is a Seven Moods work by Italian artist Marco Pisanelli, depicting the five artists “invited in a lounge for guests.”: Afarin Sayedi is represented with its fish, Leila Ataya with his fox, Francesca Romana Di Nunzio with his little centaur, Kwon Kyungyup bandaged like his creations and, in the center, a shaped siren Natalie Shau.

So, if you find yourself in Rome this weekend, pay a visit to Palazzo Valentini to see this beautiful exhibition (it’s free!)

Alessandra Addari

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