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The Slum Drummers: “Our Dreams By Our Drums”

The Community Based Organization that consist of musicians from poor backgrounds.

The Slum Drummers is a group of 9 males and 4 females drummers from Nairobi, Kenya. They live in Waithaka, Dagoretti, and play music aiming to encourage young people to stay away from alcohol, drugs, crime and all the other slum dangers.

The Drummers build drums, xylophones and other musical instruments themselves, using recycled materials from dumpsites and metal scrap yards, such as old cooking pots, cans of air freshener, broomsticks to make kalimba, shakers and drum sticks.

As they experienced street life themselves, their purpose is to reach out to the street children, the youth and others living in Nairobi’s slums, changing their life perspective and educating the overall community about the social trials these children face.

The Italian non-governmental organization Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali and and the Italian Foundation Alta Mane, who are funding the project “The Slum Drummers for the street children of Waithaka: music as an instrument for a different life – Our dreams by our Drums –”, are helping the initiatives of the Kenyan Community Based Organization and the singer Gary Barlow was so impressed with their musicianship that he invited the slum band to perform at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Community based organizations like this one deserve to grow and become more succesful because of their noble objective giving people in difficult circumstances the hope to transform their lives, continuing to inspire the world, as even Queen Elizabeth II told them.

Alessandra Addari



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