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Music Videos and Women

Music videos have become a concrete and integral part of modern society and the modern culture. In the 70’s and 80’s female singers often had a tomboy image to represent their hunger for equality and fairness between men and women. They strived to be on the same platform as men so that they could be treated in a respectful and a dignified manner. These days most songs are usually accompanied by videos highlighting the main purpose of the track. A lot of R&B and hip-hop songs, sung by men, hold very demeaning and degrading lyrics, so we will instantly notice that women are semi naked and are behaving in a sexualised manner. Images of such women often lead to innuendos and insinuations that I feel are derogatory to all women.

Music videos play a detrimental role in the minds and behaviors of young teenage girls, corrupting innocent minds. Music videos such as ‘What Yo Name Is’ by Kirko Bangz has lyrics which are very undignified, exposing young girls to a sexual world where money and sex go hand in hand. For example, in the song he uses words such as ‘bitch’ and ‘pussy’. In the video, Bangz is fully clothed in branded and labeled clothing while women, dressed in shorts and vest, dance around him in a very seductive and provocative fashion. His lyrics are very demanding and this once again implies that we are living in a society where men are dominant.

I feel that watching these videos can often influence the fragile and vulnerable minds of young girls, pressuring them to take on the role of a ‘sex object’ and to be proud of it. The fame, the money and most importantly being praised and leered at by men are what lures girls into this industry. To star in the background of a music video, girls would need sex appeal and would have to flaunt their bodies to a world of glee eyed men. This is far from women empowerment, as it tells young girls that in order to be successful they will need to flaunt their bodies and their beauty to the world. Their intelligence and their ambitions are not taken into account. The music culture sets the norms and the values of what is ‘cool’ and what is ‘not cool’.

However, it’s just not men that are to blame for the corruption and influence on innocent, young minds. Lead female singers, such as Beyonce, dance around semi naked in their videos using lyrics which can be degrading and humiliating to women. This only suggests that the worldwide obsession for sex, money and fame are what influences people to change their behavior and the way they think just to fit in with the music industry.

 Jasmine Ripa




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