Alessandra Addari / Foreign Affairs

The Timoshenko case: protests in Kiev and disappointment EU


Former Ukrainian Prime Minister remains in prison but the European Commission speaks about “selective justice”.


The Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of seven years of Iulia Timoshenko, Yanukovich’s main political rival, who has been in prison for more than a year because of a controversial contract for gas supply signed with Moscow in 2009, when she was Prime Minister.

She imposed this contract on the state energy company Naftogaz without the consent of the government , and at a price disadvantageous for Ukraine, which is currently attempting to renegotiate the agreement with Russia.

In addition to its sympathizers controversy in Kiev, who protested in front of the Court of Cassation, the European Commission also reacted negatively on the court’s decision to reject the appeal of the Ukrainian Timoshenko. Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule commented that “The process did not meet international standards for fair trials, transparent and independent. Along with Catherine Ashton, the owner of European diplomacy, we want to reiterate that the Ukrainian authorities must correct distorted effects of a selective justice, as evidenced by the case of Mrs. Tymoshenko and Lutsenko.”

From the point of view of Fule, the case of the “heroine of the Orange Revolution” and former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko shows that Kiev has to reform its judicial system because the current government, headed by president Viktor Yanukovich, prevents two leading exponents of Ukrainian opposition to participate in the upcoming elections.


Alessandra Addari




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