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The Republic National Convention And What It Really Showed

If you are not aware, a few days have passed since The Republic National Convention (or the RNC for short) The days after have had nothing short of propaganda by both the right-wing and left-wing media in the country and so we will provide an unbiased account of what this momentous event in an American election race has shown.


America Is Struggling – With 23 million unemployed and a debt growing in the billions that has no sign of changing any time soon. It is hard to argue anything but the United States is in turmoil.


Obama Has A Tough Battle Ahead – Given the lack of coverage of American news in Britain and in many other countries, you could be mistaken into thinking that Obama will be easily re-elected. However this is not the case, independent opinion polls have Romney and Obama tied and confidence numbers in Romney steadily growing. Obama has a test to convince Americans that he has a plan to turn the nation around despite failure to do so in the past four years.


America Has A Problem With The News – In Britain the only way you could watch the first two days of the convention was Fox News And CNN international (Sky News only covered the final night of the convention in full detail), however this being said much of CNN during the day ignored that there was even a convention going on in the first place. If you ever bother to watch these channels you will realise in moments that they are heavily biased towards a particular political agenda. Throughout the convention the news channels began ignoring facts or making claims that are simply not true, a very dangerous thing to do in an obvious attempt to gain support for either the President or the Presidential candidate. Therefore I have to warn you to be cautious when watching these channels as they have always had a tendency to twist events.


Republicans Have A Strong Future – The speeches of Condoleezza Rice (former secretary of state) and Marco Rubio (senator for Florida) really stole the show. The brilliantly crafted speeches by both individuals showed that future election campaigns in 2016, 2020 and further in the future already have stand-out candidates. Coverage from around the world all praised Condoleezza Rice especially, the Guardian newspaper in Britain going so far as to say she is heading for the white house if she wants too.


With the election only a few months away (November 6th), be sure to keep an eye on America as this election could really go in any direction.

 Ryan Gray


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