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Adverts: The Need for an E-Book

Every billboard that we walk by, every free mobile app that we download, in every magazine, and after every TV show, we will always come across the inevitable world of advertisements. The flashy, bold writing and the flawless pictures of perfection lure consumers into spending a chunk of their income on products that are meaningless, and only provide a short term satisfaction. Our world, the real world, is highly influenced by this lucrative and materialistic industry, and it often persuades us to make choices about simple day to day activities. From buying our food to buying our clothes, we are subconsciously pressured by the adverts which we are surrounded by.

While human needs vary, the one thing that makes us all the same is our desire to be accepted by society. Almost every human being’s focus in life is how to fit into modern society. If we look closely, we can see that adverts have an undeniable connection with modern society. The modern society is represented by commercial adverts, and this ‘need’ is created by adverts itself. Adverts create these needs by creating an imaginary society where having the latest trends is essential in order to survive. For example, adverts that are trying to promote products such as e-books have an underlying message that e-books are the trend now, and paper books are becoming extinct. These kinds of messages play with the consumers’ mind, as the more adverts they see about e-books the more they get lured into it. However, there is no essential ‘need’ for e-books, and we are able to survive without it. People do not realise this though, and they find it hard to differentiate between a superficial need and an actual survival need. In most cases, many people will now choose an e-book over a paper book. The value and the extravagance of an e-book is what entices them, and the need to be part of the modern technologically advanced society will be fulfilled. Adverts manipulatively draw consumers in, as it creates the need to fit into society and then it answers how that need is fulfilled.

Adverts are the leading point of any promotion of a product, so you could say that the advertisements promoting e-books played a helping hand to create the death of libraries and book shops. The need to have e-books or an e-reader is motivated by the cultural industry and the mass media. Adverts help to manipulate their audiences, by promoting products which creates the want, and then gradually it becomes an urgent need. The wants and needs can often be regarded as the pleasures of life, but it can also be considered as excess as these needs are only driven by the adverts that we come across during our daily lives. If we didn’t see the adverts, we would not be pressured into purchasing unnecessary products. However, living in a world with highly advanced technology and the ever increasing profitable businesses, we need adverts to bring in the money, to keep the cash flow at a steady pace and most importantly to bring in the consumers. Adverts play a vital role in today’s society, and as long as they grab their consumers, we will never be short of products and the profitable businesses will never be short of money.

Jasmine Ripa

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