Rebecca Schultz

The cost of humanity

“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is, because man is disunited with himself.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Putting a price on a human life is illegal in every possible approach and yet everyone has put a price to human life whether consciously or unconsciously. Price tagging the right to live is a daily occurrence for a large majority of first world inhabitants.

A pint costs approximately five pounds, five pounds a month can be the deciding factor between life and death for a poverty stricken child. Regardless of how many brutal images we are exposed to in order to guilt us into sponsoring someone’s survival, a lot of us have never bothered to make even a small sacrifice for someone’s life.

If we knew the starving millions intimately, would we be more inclined to improve their already slim chance at life? Have we as a species become so detached that we are able to see the barren ribs of a toddler on television whilst simultaneously roasting a chicken as casually as if that chicken’s flesh wouldn’t be heaven itself to several undernourished children?

Have we allowed ourselves to become so desensitised that we merely shrug at statistics? Do we separate ourselves from the reality because we are living in a cushy environment and have selfish natures or is it because it is too emotionally challenging to spare poverty any consideration?

Imagine losing everything and being forced to begging for scraps or watching your child slowly starve to death. Imagine not knowing the convenience of electricity or running water. Imagine rice being a very special treat or every drop of clean water being celebrated.

Chances are that most people only think of the horrors of the world when visually assaulted by them. Once they turn off the television, hop off the tube or stroll past the poster that the heinous image, if remembered at all, becomes as insignificant as where one has coffee, unless of course there was an amazing pastry involved. Everyone knows that a good pastry recommendation beats starving children any day…

Rebecca Schultz


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