Interact Magazine: Meeting 5

Interact Magazine

For this week’s meeting we congregated in the Interact office with Anisha and a plate of mysteriously disappearing chocolate biscuits. In the way of mysteriously disappearing whenever I turned my back. (I did manage to sneak a couple before they vanished) And while crumbs were being scattered all over the carpet, we got down to business.

Formatting the articles was the first point of call; fonts, layouts and all kinds of jargon for the graphic designers to thrash out between them. We then discussed about how two different writers on the same article could meld their different pieces together, Anisha suggested boxes where facts and figures could be presented in order to break up the lengthy paragraphs. It’s all about presentation and capturing the attention of the reader.

The bit to be next focused on was the complaints section, where Biljana asked for a collection of complaints to grace the…

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