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The UK has over 9.1 million non-whites residing in its cities, a 6.6 million increase from 2001 meaning that the ethnic mix is ever-increasing. London, one of the most diverse cities in the world, has over 300 languages spoken every day. This is only little evidence to show how the UK has changed vastly due to immigration, interracial and interfaith marriages. Being British and being non-white is a significant contribution to the communities and the societies that we live in. Looking at different parts of the UK, such as London, you will be able to see the diversity within these societies, and the effect it has on people living there. For example, London continuously celebrates the cultural contributions that have been made to society. Black History Month, Nottingham Hill Carnival and Baisakhi Mela are a few of the celebrations that commemorate the positive changes, and attitudes that make an impact to people’s lives.

Of course there will always be negative aspects to multiculturalism, which divides our communities and create opposing views. The August Riots and the EDL Riots are only a few examples of the racial tension between cultures, religion, backgrounds and class. These opposing views have broken down strong communities and created a powerful barrier, which has left people feeling extremely bitter and angry. However due to these riots people of all colour and race have stood shoulder to shoulder to fight against the negative atmosphere and negative feelings, and to mend fractured communities, which has promoted multiculturalism. Solidarity and unity amongst different cultures and different people has defined the UK and made it what it is today. The vibrancy and vivacity of the different cultures has put the UK into the forefront of music, fashion, art and food, and has placed it on the map as one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. I feel that all the cultures around the UK have blended into a culture of camaraderie, and companionship, which has increased multiculturalism and turned it into a positive aspect.

Jasmine Ripa 16/05/2012

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