Nick Chowdrey / Politics

Practice Makes Perfect, Except For the Foreseeable Future

Interact Magazine

Teachers are now placing a maximum of three spelling corrections in an over-sweetened panic of damaging a pupils self confidence. This decision is merely an act of false kindness and the definition of teacher has been marred by this surrogate of sensitivity. I am all for ensuring a pupil feels confident in their school environment, but teachers cannot afford to worry whether too many red dashes and interruptions on a students work will send them over the edge. A child’s mental well-being is frankly not the schools responsibility, at least not a sole responsibility, but to educate him or her so they leave with the fundamental skills needed in the job market.

So why is our society encouraging an inarticulate new breed of peoples? It begs me to question how soft we really have become, where is our ruthlessness? MP’s in the House of Commons have groaned and grumbled over…

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