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Generation Recession: The Recruitment Paradox

ImageAny graduate job seeker at the moment cannot have failed to notice how pretty much every 3 out of 5 jobs going at the moment are in recruitment. This job title, along with its popular pseudonyms: “head hunter”, “research executive” and “you dun find the job persons job” are clogging up the jobsites like a sewer blockage.

I understand that recruiters are necessary in specialist fields, as they need to be trained to identify certain skills and have a decent knowledge of the specific field; however, when the said specialist field is, in fact, recruitment… things start to get a little bit silly. What you have – and I know this is happening because it’s already happened to me twice in the month that I have been looking for a job – is recruiters recruiting recruiters to recruit recruiters who, in turn, recruit recruiters to recruit recruiters. It is nothing short of a baffling ouroboros of recruitment that is so ripe for parody I have absolutely no idea how anyone in the business of recruitment can take themselves even remotely seriously.

The thing is, these recruiter recruiters can earn an absolute mint from the get go (if they are good enough), inputting an absolute shed load of money into the economy without having actually achieved anything more tangible than self-replication. Could it be that this silly industry is actually supporting the whole British economy? If so, we best get some recruiter recruiter recruiters out to Spain and Greece ASAP before it’s too late.

Nick Chowdrey 09.02.12

Picture source: Dole Queue


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